PARKER+PARKER is a communication agency with digital DNA

PARKER+PARKER is a new type of communication agency with a very strong digital culture, focused on brands and concepts.

In a world of constantly changing consumption patterns, we help you :

  • Ensure that you are seen and appreciated by consumers, who are less and less receptive to advertising as it was designed in the past
  • Maximise your return on investment and ensure that your communication campaigns produce tangible results
  • Develop long-term actions rather than just a flash in the pan
  • Make consumers your ambassadors

We provide all the support you need to simplify and clarify your message. Our cross-functional services are organised around

6 centres of expertise

No stock answers. No miracle remedies. We simply pinpoint the key idea that will make your brand more effective and enhance consumer adoption. We then breathe life into this concept and present it effectively to your target audiences.

Our team of experts from many different backgrounds are totally attentive to your business imperatives and challenges – as well as your target consumers: what makes them tick and how they relate to your products. The PARKER+PARKER agency has offices in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon to meet your expectations to the full.

Let’s make ambitious plans together. The start of a profitable conversation !